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Meteoritul din Romania - Buzau

Meteoritul caut in Romania - Buzau


Meteoritul despre care am scris in 2008 a fost trecut in baza de date a: The Meteoritical Society – Research on Meteorites and Extraterrestrial Materials
si… hurray, baietii au mentionat numele meu si adresa blogului!  Yes! 😀

Articolul  despre meteoritul cazut in Romania il gasiti aici: Meteorit cazut in Romania

Iar aici link-ul catre concluziile si publicatia: Meteoritical Society
Name: Pleşcoi
This is an OFFICIAL meteorite name.
Abbreviation: There is no official abbreviation for this meteorite.
Observed fall: Yes
Year fell: 2008
Country: Romania
Mass: 6.91 kg
Classification: Ordinary chondrite (L5/6)
History: On 12 June, 2008, a bolide was observed by eyewitnesses from 6 counties in south Romania (along about 325 km distance); locally it was accompanied by sonic booms. The fireball was white green, very brilliant and it crossed the skies along a W-E trajectory, at an angular height of 35-40º above the horizon (eyewitnesses reports on „Urbi et Orbi”, author Valentin Ghincolov).
Physical characteristics: One mass (6.913 kg) of basic conical shape (20 × 19 × 11 cm) with a flat side was discovered by Mihail Popescu in his garden. The stone remained where it had landed for approximately 3 weeks. The specimen showed a dull, black, fusion crust (1 mm thick) with a thin network of cracks; only a a very small (about 2 × 1.5 cm) area of the light-gray breccia with metallic grains (<1 mm) was revealed. The flat surface exhibits some lighter-colored strips and parallel thread lines marked by molten drops.

Petrography: (Dana Pop, BBU; Gretchen Benedix, NHM): Chondrule outlines are obscure under the optical microscope, but more discernable in BSE images. Recognizable chondrule types include barred olivine and radiating pyroxene. The fusion crust is relatively thick. The matrix is fully recrystallized; brecciation is not obvious. Metal and troilite grains are relatively fresh, sometimes with thin weathering rims. Olivine exhibits undulatory extinction.

Geochemistry: Olivine (Fa25.5±0.3; n = 56), low-Ca pyroxene (Fs21.4±0.1; Wo1.3±0.2; n = 34). Chromite (Cr/Cr + Al = 0.85; Fe/Fe + Mg = 0.86).

Classification: Ordinary chondrite (L5/6); S2, W1




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